EPhoto™ is a full 3D digital measuring system and winner of the IWF 2006 Challengers Award.

If the camera can see it, it can measure it! EPhoto measures any job in one set-up and is not restricted by space, range, reach, or line-of-sight. 

EPhoto makes templating fast and simple with its automatic job processing, automatic CAD drawing, (countertops and stairs) and lets you see the finished CAD design on the photograph of the actual jobsite that it is being measured to fit onto. 

The entire process minimizes potential errors because data is captured in photos and flows through the process without human interference. With the many quality control features, any potential error is easily detected and corrected on-the-spot.

  • Stairlifts
  • Stairs/handrails
  • Ornamental metalwork
  • Countertop templating
  • Full height backsplash
  • One seat of software
  • One specially calibrated digital camera
  • One set of 3-scales with sheath
  • 24 reusable cabinet edge markers
  • Variety of removable adhesive targets
  • Carrying case
  • Training and Technical Support

  • 2D and 3D capable
  • Collects a visual of the jobsite for viewing in the shop
  • Measures every point multiple times with just one setup
  • No range, reach, line-of-sight, or multiple setups to jeopardize accuracy
  • Typical accuracy is +/-1/32“, and measures in inches or metric
  • Provides multiple digital and visual quality control checks
  • Ability to extract additional measurements from photos
  • Automatic processing that creates DXF and projects the design into photos

EPhotoCapture™ includes all components of EPhoto except photo processing software. The one seat of software included with the full EPhoto system can support several field templaters equipped with EPhotoCapture. It is a unique and money saving feature not offered by other technologies.

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