Maximize your investment with factory training

Focused Learning
Quickly develop the skill and understanding that will enable you to create fast, accurate templates by dedicating a focused day apart from the interruptions and pressures of the field. Our Raleigh Training and Technology Center provides real world experience and the assistance of our experienced trainers.  Only one company at a time is trained at our Center. That way, we are able to focus on your company’s particular templating needs. You are welcome to preview the syllabus for 2D and 3D classes here: Syllabus Preview
Travel Notes

When you visit us, please bring your laptop and 3D Disto, and associated cables, etc.

If you’re planning on flying with the laser we recommend carrying it on and referring to it as “surveying equipment,” do not use the word “laser.”

Training is held at our Training and Technology Center in the North Ridge Business Park:

6512 Falls of Neuse Rd
Suite 110
Raleigh, NC. 27615

Webex Online Training

Remote Interaction
This alternative is viable when you have prior CAD and digital templating experience. Webex provides a video stream of the templating environment and displays the active computer screen running the ETemplate System application. An interactive demonstration is provided by observing the trainer and discussing what, why and how the data collection is being done. Voice connection is provided by phone or Skype (outside North America)
Virtual Training Center
Video, audio, and computer screen shared over an internet connection using WEBEX
Webex Preparations
You will receive an email invitation to the scheduled Webex session. The email will include a link to the meeting. You should click on this link ten minutes before the scheduled class, so that you can download the thin client required for sharing our screens. It is best to find a quiet space with the largest screen available. If more than one person will be attending, it is helpful to have a good speakerphone. You do not need to set up your system on your end.